Mysterious Phone Lookup Site
The unsettling text may have a simple explanation—what’s interesting is what it says about us as readers.
(Electric Literature)
A Carol for the Despairing
(Christianity Today - December print issue)
"17776," horror, and empathy
This weird online fiction about football is also a crash course in empathy.
(Electric Literature)
Set It Up
Netflix's "Set It Up" is the perfect millennial rom-com.

(Buzzfeed Reader)
God with us.
A meditation on the incarnation.
(Fathom Magazine)
THE GOOD PLACE is as unpredictable as we are - and that's what makes it work.

Seeking the Truth in an Age of Lies
What 'The X-Files' has to do with Christianity
(Fathom Magazine)
Martin Scorsese Interview
Scorsese on 'Silence' and grappling with faith.
Liam Neeson Interview
Neeson on faith and filmmaking.
'Loving' review
A quiet love story speaks volumes in 'Loving'.
(Christianity Today)
Quit Calling Them Chick Flicks
We need more women in film.
(Christianity Today)
'Me Before You' is Awful
The dangerous message of 'Me Before You'
(Relevant Magazine)
'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones'
Bruised and bleeding
(Christianity Today)
'The Danish Girl' review
Love in a broken world.
'Woodlawn' review
Of faith, race, and football.
How True Art Points to God
(Relevant Magazine)
Breaking Addictions Crossfit
(Metcon Fitness)
Abuse in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
(Relevant Magazine - over 100,000 shares)
The Gospel According to Max
'War Room' review
When the Bible Gets Boring
(Relevant Magazine)
Knowing Something Well
(Relevant Magazine)
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