Love and Observation
Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a love story about watching - so what does that mean for us as viewers?
Mysterious Phone Lookup Site
The unsettling text may have a simple explanation—what’s interesting is what it says about us as readers.
(Electric Literature)
A Carol for the Despairing
(Christianity Today - December print issue)
"17776," horror, and empathy
This weird online fiction about football is also a crash course in empathy.
(Electric Literature)
Set It Up
Netflix's "Set It Up" is the perfect millennial rom-com.
(Buzzfeed Reader)
Cloak & Dagger review
A drama pulled taut by the performances of its yin-yang leads.
The End of the F***ing World review
A brutal dark comedy that reveals itself as something authentic and beautiful.
Everything Sucks! Isn’t Perfect...
But it totally doesn't suck.
God with us.
A meditation on the incarnation.
(Fathom Magazine)
The Music of Coco
Behind the Scenes: Coco's New Tech
Marshall Review
A courtroom drama that feels a little too relevant to today's America.
The Good Place
It's is as unpredictable as we are - and that's what makes it work.
A First-Hand Look at Pixar's Coco
It takes a village to make a movie.
Kevin Feige interview
On Spidey and the rest of the MCU.
Tony Revolori interview
Spider-Man: Homecoming Review
Third time's a charm.
Best Independent Bookstores in NYC
(NYC & Company)
'Handmaid's Tale' Episode 10
'Handmaid's Tale' Episode 9
The Bridge
'Handmaid's Tale' Episode 8
'Handmaid's Tale' Episode 7
The Other Side
Recap: Logan Noir Screening
'Handmaid's Tale' Episode 6
A Woman's Place
Seeking the Truth in an Age of Lies
What The X-Files has to do with Christianity
(Fathom Mag)
'Handmaid's Tale' Episode 5
Frieze New York (The Scene)
'Handmaid's Tale' Episode 4
Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum
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